Saturday, April 09, 2005

This is one side of our future sister school Posted by Hello

Sara's epal idolized her from just her emails. She knew everything about Sara! Posted by Hello

Meredith, explaining to her epal the finer points aof American teenage life. Posted by Hello

Our epals have over 60 students per class Posted by Hello

Evan's epals Posted by Hello

Day 5 Posted by Hello

Brad showing off his 2 new Rolex watches from the back of his rickshaw Posted by Hello

Sara, shopping in old China. Posted by Hello

The Hutong Daycare center has children from age 2 to age 6. In this movie, the kids sang us "Are you sleeping" in Chinese Posted by Hello

This little boy stole my heart. Posted by Hello

The Hutong Daycare center was amazing! Posted by Hello

Wait Brad! the driver is suppose to ride the bike!! Posted by Hello

One of the millions of alleys in the Hutong District. The Hutong neighborhood is the oldest area of Beijing. Although the Chinese government has torn down much of the Hutong style areas to accomodate newer apartment building, they will not be destroying this area. Instead they will be preserving these quaint homes. Posted by Hello

Meredith and Sara posing with their rickshaw driver Posted by Hello

This is a pic of the Sterlings weaving thru the Hutong streets Posted by Hello

Today we got to ride on rickshaws in the Hutong district. Here is Sara, Brad and Ben getting ready for their ride Posted by Hello