Sunday, April 10, 2005

In China, all school kids "drive" their bikes to school. Some of our epals ride for an hour to go to school everyday!!! Posted by Hello

These are our epals from Beijing No. 5 High School. This high school is a model school and sponsored heavily by the government. The students are scouted from all over Beijing for their academic prowess. 100% of these students will pass the very rigurous college entrance exams. 100% of the students will be accepted into college and complete degrees in China's most prestigious universities. 70% of the students will choose science degrees!! The school has its own science observatory and very high tech physics and chemistry research centers. If you want to see more pictures of this very cool school click on their website  Posted by Hello

Zach and Patrick showed off their skills to their epals on the basketball court. Posted by Hello

Allison was impressed by how friendly her epals were. Posted by Hello

Ben is partial to Asian women. Meeting his epal was an awesome experience. Posted by Hello

Christy's epals thought it was awesome that she looks like Avril Lavigne. They loved her dyed hair tips because they are not allowed to dye their hair or wear jewelry to school. Posted by Hello