Thursday, April 07, 2005

Beijing Snapshot: Very cool architechture. Tomorrow, I will post pictures of us riding rickshaws thru the old part of the city (Hutong District) Posted by Hello


mom sackett said...

Thanks for the great pictures. We were getting anxious for some new ones.

Enjoy your last couple of days.

See you Sat. night.

fool4dnc said...

Senora Ragatz!! Hola! Que Pasa? OK, not quite the appropriate language for the destination you're in, but, hey, I've been in a fiesty, latin mood all day! :)Thanks so much for leaving me your blogspot address so I could check out your pictures! They are great! I am so excited for you to be able to be there - and jealous as well. Will miss you on May 7, but sure am glad you're having a great time! By the by... what's up w/ "grumpy social studiues teacher?" -- that had better be a real bad joke b/c you are sooo.. NOT grumpy! :) Alright, well, take care and keep on having a great time! -- Jennifer --
ps -- I have a Blogspot too!