Monday, April 04, 2005

Within minutes, David arrived with our waitresses. He ordered for us and the food flood gates broke open. The wait staff brought dish after dish of delicious foods that they placed on the lazy susan. We, of course did not know how things were done but in the spirit of adventure grabbed our chop stickes, spun the giant lazy susan like a wheel of fortune contestant and reached for every thing in our grasp. We were served whole steamed prawns complete with head and staring eyeballs, deliciously spiced roasted shrimp, Chinese salad, a fantastic Schechuan pork dish, 4 different vegetable dishes with impossible spice combinations, chicken with pine nuts, hot and sour soup, beef and broccoli, chrysanthemum tea (with a handful of flowers floating in it) and much, much more. Zach was attacked by a really, really hot chili pepper that had him turning colors, sweating and tearing up at the same time! It was pretty funny to see him squirm.
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Marnie Masters said...

Sounds like some good eating! Hope you recovered from the chili attack Zach.

FYI - North Carolina won the NCAA tournament last night, against Illinois, after beating MSU on Saturday night.
Spartan women play in the womens' Finals tonight against Baylor.

Keep having fun!